is one of the most notable memes on ARA Chat.


When ARA Smash was going on, Poyo Ride put Zero in the game, and revealed him on discord. A bot known as Notsobot comes with a .magik command, which messes up the latest picture and makes it distorted. 

Kidsy128 can be blamed for starting Ziro. He has a bad habit of using .magik out of bot spam. Using magik on Zero's splash art twice led to an image now known as Ziro's splash art. Thus Ziro was born.

Ziro is well known for being a rhombus version of Zero. Badass1987 is the one who started calling Ziro a rhombus. Ziro gained fame as possibly the most popular meme on ARA Chat. He even became a character in ARA.



Ziro's name comes from the fact that on his splash art, the E is really stretched out, looking like an I.

Poyo Ride will get very angry if you call Zero something other than a rhombus, such as a tilted square.