The Top Rank, also known as Nimble Bubble and his servants and Exotic Butters, is the super admin rank. They can demote admins, but other than that, they are pretty similar. It is very easy to be top rank, ask Arca, Mad God, and Vy.

One day, Kidsy demoted all top rank members. Arca was one who kidsy missed, and changed the admin name to "Arca's slaves". This resulted in kidsy demoting all top rank members, but actually gave Arca top rank again, but then demoted him randomly.

Poyo Ride brought back the role after months of being gone, with the "Exotic Butters" name, and gave it to 10 admins, including himself. Poyo got demoted from the role by Kidsy (speculated) before winning a poll for the next role. The role is still up today.

How to unlock this role (back in the old days)Edit

  1. Join the server
  2. be active for 5 seconds


  • Clippit and Fudge, two very active admins, never got this role.
  • There was this one user who joined. Kidsy128 asked him if he wanted a name color. The user wanted a yellow name. Kidsy, being the smart server owner, gave him the exotic butters role because he's very smart.