is a bot that was added to ARA Chat when Poyo went on a bot adding spree.

Well known commandsEdit


Why Notsobot was bannedEdit

Notsobot quickly became a fan favorite bot for Kidsy128. Kidsy would commonly use .magik whenever an image would be posted. He'd even post another image and use .magik. He'd always do this outside bot spam, which even made kidsy delete the channel.


A screenshot of info notsobot gathers.

That's not why notsobot was kicked though. One user apparently said Notsobot gathered info on people who used it. It then posted this info publically onto another server. The only info that we know of is username and number. Most of the server quickly turned against notsobot. 

Chen and Kidsy128 still defended notsobot. Chen said that collecting data is a common thing for bots to do. He said that his bot also does this. However, the difference here is that notsobot does it publically, while Chen's bot does it privately. Kidsy reinvited the bot numerous times and continued using .magik.


Magik will also work if a c is used instead of a k.