Mega Man stage selects are things that Poyo Ride makes where he takes a Mega Man robot master select screen and replaces all the robots with server members, bots, or memes.

Mega Man 34Edit

The first stage select.

Robot MastersEdit

Identity Crisis Man: This is Poyo Ride. Poyo was made identity crisis man as he always switches his avatar. This also makes sense as Poyo tends to impersonate people on the server.

Translation Woman: Translation Woman is Bakabot, as this was made when Bakabot was the primary way for people to say things through the bot.

Nobody uses me man: This is swagbot, a bot that only really saw one period of time that it was used, which was after the creation of this roster.

Admin in 5 seconds man: This is Arca, the first member of the server to have gotten the admin status in 5 seconds.

NSFW Woman: This is miki, who has a channel dedicated to NSFW with this bot.

Ping Man: This is midibot, who commonly has his -midiping command spammed by members of the server.

Sprite Man: This is Kokonip, who is one of the best spriters on the server.

Vapor Man: Vapor Man is clippit. Yeah this one was lame

Mega Man why does this existEdit

Mega Man why does this exist
The third stage select. This one is the first one to include server memes.

Robot MastersEdit

Drug addiction woman: This is Ayana, who is basically Bakabot 2.0. on the server, and has a drug addiction.

Smug Man: This is Soopermawio, creator of the smug meme on the server.

Shrug Man: This is steelix100, the first person on the server to consistently use the shrug emoticon.

Data gathering man: This is notsobot, who was said to collect data about users who used it.

Annoying man: This is @everyone, a very annoying thing that people like to use on the server.

Weird yet funny meme man: This is Ziro, a weird but fan favorite meme.

Stupid meme man: This is Brazil, a meme most people find stupid.

A man nobody understands: This is Kidsy128, who tends not to have ideas that other admins agree with.