Kidsy128, also known as Nimble Bubble, Shigu, Voice Inside Poyo Ride's Head, etc. is the creator of the chatroom. He works on TARS Animated. His ideas usually aren't the best in the eyes of the other admins. He is most likely the cause for the amount of admins on the server.

Kidsy128 is possibly tied with Poyo Ride for the most annoying user on the server. As stated above, Kidsy does not make smart decisions.

List of dumb things Kidsy has doneEdit

  • Banning an inactive user over someone not wanting to marry him using Miki.
  • Giving the Exotic Butters role to a person who wanted a yellow name.
  • Spamming @everyone.
  • Claiming a "figment" exists.
  • Advertising by spamming.
  • Asking for personal info.



[1] (His active youtube account)

[2] (Kidsy's inactive youtube account)


  • Kidsy sometimes asks people for their personal information, most notably poyo ride. He has asked poyo for his email, password, and his phone number.
  • Kidsy has said he has not yet hit puberty. His name also includes the word "Kid" in it. This means Kidsy is still a kid, or in early teen years. This is pretty much confirmed in some of his older videos.
  • Despite being desprate for voice actors in TARS animated, Kidsy does not voice any of the characters.