2017-01-07 (17)
"ehh, most names seem to have been turned into lol"

On January 7th, 2017, almost all admins had names changed to "lol" and bots had their name changed as well for some weird reason. Poyo and Harmonia, among a few others, were wondering who did this.

Later, all Admins were demoted, except Chen. Chen later left the server. Due to having the second highest role possible, and not initally having his name change, Poyo Ride suspected chen from the start.

Name ChangesEdit

Poyo RideEdit

  • Lol
  • Poyo Ride Sucks
  • Now your name is

Mad GodEdit

  • Goh' Muhframos, EAT MY DICK
  • Okay eat a dick


Nowadays, this attack is forgotten in favor of the Steelix attack.